Payback EP

In 1994, C- Stud Vill released his very 1st album ep “Payback ” to the streets of San Antonio, Texas with the hit single “Trick-uh-Treat”.Payback gained huge success, more than what C-Stud Vill expected. C-Stud Vill tells his experiences of the San Antonio street life in all albums to come.


Tha Unsigned Deal

C-Stud Vill released “Tha Unsigned Deal”, a follow-up to the Payback album, which gained a larger audience and national attention. This album featured Mr. No Love on the hit single “Studio Gangstaz”.

cmon real

Com’n Real

“Com’n Real” by artist Mr.No Love, was the 1st signed artist to Villian Record’z / C Dogg Record’z. This was the 1st album produced by C-Stud Vill that also gained a larger local and national attention.


Tha Unsigned Deal #2

Tha Unsigned Deal #2, a project which included a distribution deal with Koch Records,blewup to be a worldwide success. This album goes on to feature Platinum artists such as SPM, Bigg Tupp, Lil Sin, Big WY & Suga Buga of (Tha Relativez), Squeak RU of (ALLFRUMTHAI) and Ice Cube affiliates; Mack10, WC of (Westside Connection).


Westside Story

Westside Story, the 2nd album produced by C-Stud Vill included San Antonio’s’ own artists Bigg Budd and Lady Lunatic of (Southern Merchandise) with the production of Mike T of CMW aka “Compton’s Most Wanted”.


Ya’ll Ain’t Ready

The hit single “Ya’ll Ain’t Ready ” was the best selling single of C-Stud Vills’ career. This single crossed over to Europe with great success and new audiences. This single includeds the g-funk sounds of DJ KIP of (Invizzable Music) and DJ KIP Remix.


Angryville  the unsigned deal #3

Tha Unsigned Deal #3 (Angryville), is expected to be even more successful than all earlier work with the help of the very well known West Coast producer Lionelle “QUAKEWAY” Anderson. This album, C-Stud Vill exsploded with lyrics of the challenges and bad investments of THE COMEBACK after spending time away and all the let downs of people closest to him.


Be True 2 Da Game

“Be True 2 Da Game” has the laid back g-funk & dirty south tunes hit single remix originally by Ice Cubes “Be True To The Game”. This single gives C-Stud insight on some new upcoming artists who raps of experiences they never had and/or claiming street life they never lived.

Respect Tha Hood front

Respect Tha Hood!

“Respect Tha Hood!” Is The Biggest Hit Street Single Of San Antonio Tx. With The West Coast And Dirty South G-Funk Mix To Spread Thru Out The Gutta City Wit Good Feed Back. The Track Combines Two Rival Neighborhoods Wheatley Courts & New Light Village To Collab And Make History To Show Unity Amongst The East Side City Gang Violence.With The Flow Of Wallo The Upcoming New Artist Along With The Seasoned Veteran C-Stud Villain The Great Underground Legend.The Single Is Exspected To Sell A Mass Of Units In First Week Of Release.